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William Hung: Careers, Achievements, Biography & More

An Introduction of William Hung

William Hung is a Hong Kong-born American motivational speaker and former singer. He gained worldwide cult followers since his unsuccessful audition in the popular singing reality tv show American Idol season 3 in 2004. Hung attracted the three judges and millions of viewers by singing exceptionally and performing to Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs.” One of the judges in the show Simon Cowell appreciated Hung with sneers but Hung reply ” I gave my best and, I have no regrets at all,” became famous among the viewers. William Hung accidentally turned into a novelty star due to his fondness for karaoke.

William Hung studied civil engineering at UC Berkeley. His audition in the famous tv reality singing show American Idol season 3 in 2004 gained him worldwide popularity. Hung had to voluntarily drop out of the university to pursue a career in music but received constant negative critical remarks in his recording career. His fame became the centre of the topic among many fans and individuals accusing of promoting and enforcing racial stereotypes against Asian ethnicity. Hung lacked musical talent but rose to fame for his honest, earnest and unapologetic geek side.

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The Early Days of William Hung

How was the early life of William Hung?

William was born on January 13, 1983, in Sha Tin, British Hong Kong. He is the descendant of Confucius. Hung grew up in the Sha Tin district of Hong Kong. Later at the age of 11, his family shifted to California. Hung began his studies in civil engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. William exited college to pursue his career in music. Later Hung graduated with a degree in mathematics and completed MBA from Marist College.

Career of William Hung

The success story of William hung 

  • While pursuing civil engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, William’s interest in music made him audition for season 3 of the popular singing TV reality American Idol in September 2003. which was an unsuccessful audition and got rejected for his awkward and low offbeat performance to the Ricky Martin song ” She Bangs.” Hung’s enthusiasm for music and his positive attitude got applauded by the judges, with one judge Paula Abdul stating, ” That’s the best attitude I have seen.”
  • After the audition, Hung rapidly gained fame and a cult following. A realtor Don Chin and his wife Laura- created a fan site called William Hung that recorded a hit of four million within a week and the radio stations received the request of Hung’s audition performance remixes. 
  • Hung constantly appeared in several famous television shows that includes Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Howard Stern radio show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS’s The Early Show. He got published in several national magazines and newspapers. Hung got an invitation from MTV to perform at the Asian Awards held in February. 
  • In 2004, Koch Entertainment offered a deal to William Hung with an advance of $25000 and with the label, he released three albums between 2004 and 2005. His first individual album named “Inspiration,” produced by Giuseppe D- sold over 200,000 copies and reached number one in Billboard’s Top Independent Album Chart. Hung began his acting career in a low budget Hong Kong period comedy movie called Where is Mama’s Boy in 2004. He starred opposite veteran Hong Kong actress Nancy Sit in the song ” Siu Beng.” 
  • In 2011, Hung retired from music and joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a technical crime analyst. Hung “with no regrets” stated that his music career came to an end. In 2014 Hung started working at the Los Angeles county department of public health and became a motivational speaker for the groups like Asian Realtors Association of America around 2017.

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Personal Relationship

A few lines about Hung’s relationship status

William Hung married Jian Teng on June 18, 2014. Before marrying Jian Teng, his first marriage ended in divorce. Currently, Hung is Divorced and single.

Net Worth of William Hung

The current net worth info of William Hung 

William Hung is an American singer and motivational speaker; his current net worth is around $600,000 thousand.


  • In 2006 Hung was crowned Artichoke King at the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, California.
  • William Hung is a descendant of Confucius.
  • Hung was born in Sha Tin District of British Hong Kong.
  • At present Hung, is not in any relationship and is single.

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