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James Warren Jones: Net Worth, Careers, Full Bio and Achievements

Who is Jim Jones?

James Warren Jones was born on 13th May 1931 and died on 18th November 1978. He was an American followership commander, pastor, and self-professed belief healer. He inaugurated the People’s Chapel in Indiana during the late 1950s. Jones and his internal sphere directed a complete murder-suicide of himself and his supporters in his thicket commune at Jonestown, Guyana, on 18th November 1978.

As the self-proclaimed messiah of the Peoples Temple religious cult, Jones promised his followers utopia if they followed him. Jim Jones was born in the small town of Crete, Indiana, on May 13, 1931. Since his father, James, had been injured in World War I and could not work, Jim’s mother, Lynetta, supported the family.

He gained notoriety when the Temple moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s. Jones had a vision for a better world and established the Peoples Temple to help make that happen. Unfortunately, his unstable personality eventually overcame him, and he became responsible for the deaths of more than 900 people.

Jones began working as a Methodist minister in Indianapolis in the early 1950 decade. In 1954, when he claimed he had met God on a train ride near Philadelphia, he was defrocked.

Quick Bio

NameJames Warren Jones
Born13th May 1978
Birth signTaurus 
EthnicityNot available 
ProfessionLeader, preacher, religious mentor 
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight75 kg
ChildrenNot available 
Eye Colorbrown
FatherNot available 
MotherNot available 
SpouseMarceline Baldwin
Hair colour black
Net WorthNot available 

Early life

What did James do before getting fame?

  • Jones was an insatiable miscellany who probed Stalin, Marx, Mao, Gandhi, and Hitler’s biographies and books. He also formulated severe attention in belief. One novelist implies this was because he begins to find it impossible to make companions. Adolescence compatriots remembered him as a weirdo who was tormented with theology and demise. 
  • They declared that he repeatedly carried burials for tiny creatures on his parents’ estate and that he amassed and jabbed a kitten to death. One boyhood compatriot reported that after German POWs entered the borough, it was said that he admired Hitler and his doings.


What made him famous?

  • In 1951, 20-year-old Jones started following meetings of the Communist Party USA. Jim Jones evolved to be dazed with harassment during the McCarthy Hearings, mainly considering an episode that he heeded with his mama concentrating on Paul Robeson, after which she was victimized by the FBI in the presence of her co-workers for support. He also came to be disheartened with the death penalty of upright and accused socialists in the United States, particularly during the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. 
  • Jim Jones was shocked when a Methodist state administrator assisted him in getting an onset in the congregation, even though he recognized Jones as a Marxist. In 1952, he evolved to be a pupil preacher at the Sommerset Methodist Church. Still, afterwards, he allegedly vacated the church because its authorities forbade him from combining blacks into his church. 
  • Around this time, Jim Jones noticed faith-healing assistance at a Seventh Day Baptist Church. Jim Jones examined that it enticed civilization and their wealth, and he assumed that he could achieve his civil objectives with monetary aids from such duties.

Personal Information

Whom did he admire?

  • James Warren Jones was a staunch follower of Marx and Gandhi and wanted to implement all those things in his lives and preach to his pupils the same.
  • Also, read about Redman.


Who is he dating?

  • James Warren Jones wedded a nurse named Marceline Baldwin in the year 1949, and the pair shifted to Bloomington, Indiana. Unfortunately, she deceased along with him in mass murder.  

James Warren Jones Net Worth

  • The net worth of Jim is not available.

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  • He is a popular preacher, leader.
  • His full name is James Warren Jones.
  • He married a nurse who died along with him.
  • He was killed in mass murder.
  • He was a communist and admired Karl and mao’s works and writings.

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