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Patrisse Cullors: Biography, Careers, Relationship, Controversies

Patrisse Cullors is an American activist who advocated Black Lives Matter Movement in 2013 in the USA to eliminate racism.

Who is Patrisse Cullors?

Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac, popularly known as Patrisse Cullors, is a renowned American activist who pioneered the Black Lives Matters movement. Patrisse is a 38 years old social worker born on June 20, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has also authored two books till now. 

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Quick Bio

Birth NamePatrisse Marie Cullors
BornJune 20, 1983 (Age 38)
Gender Female
ProfessionActivist, artist, writer
Religion Cristian
Height5 feet 3 inches
ParentsCherisse Foley
SchoolVan Nuys Middle School, Millikan Middle School
CollegeUniversity of California (BA)
UniversityUniversity of Southern California
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseJanaya Khan
Social Media HandlesInstagram 



Net worth$100k- $ 1 million


Why is Patrisse Cullors famous?

  • Patrisse Cullors is one of the prominent names in the media around the world. She is mainly known for her involvement in social movements in the USA. She is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013. The phrase Black Lives Matter with the hashtag spread and popularised widely worldwide, which provoked the world population against racism. The movement has become global after the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Cullors is also involved in other social activities that include prison abolition and LGBTQ rights.
  • In 2015, Cullors and the co-founder of the BLM movement, Alicia Garza, formed a network with the same name, Black Lives Matter, to reduce racism in the world.
  • In 2017 Cullors condemned the President of the USA (then) Donald Trump to be the epitome of evil and stated that the BLM movement would not meet with him.
  • In 2020, the BLM foundation formed its sister collective called BLM Grassroots to build out its capacity as a philanthropic organization.
  • In 2021, Cullors stepped down as the executive director of the Black Lives Matter foundation. Her departure from the foundation created a buzz among the public as well as in US politics. Cullors did not specify any solid reason for her resignation but mentioned the political pressure on her.

Personal information

What does Patrisse Cullors look like?

  • Cullors is a 38 years old American woman with a height of 5.3 feet. She was born and brought up in California, USA. She has a dark skin tone with dark curly hair. She identifies herself as queer. She has multiple tattoos on her body, one significant on her upper chest stating 818.

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What is the relationship status of Patrisse Cullors?

  • Cullors identified herself as gay and was also involved in multiple LGBTQ movements in the USA. She is married to Janaya khan since 2016, who is also a social activist from Toronto. They both advocated the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA.


Which books has Patrisse Cullors written? 

  • Cullors authored the book When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, published in January 2018. Journalist Asha Bandele co-wrote it that deals with the plight of black people and their imprisonment. An Abolitionist Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World is another book written by Patrisse Cullors. She stated how activists could effectively fight regular problems while working for society.


Has Patrisse Cullors won any awards? 

  • Patrisse Cullors has been awarded many prestigious awards for her devotion to social activism. She was regarded with the title Mario Savio Young Activist of the Year in 2007. She was also named the Glamour Woman of the Year in 2016. She was listed as one of the nine runners-up for The Advocate’s Person of the Year in 2015. The Los Angeles Times named her one of the “New Civil Rights Leaders” in the same year. She was included in the 100 most influential personalities in 2020 by Time Magazine. She was listed among the 100 influential women in the world in 2020 by the BBC.

Net worth

What is Patrisse Cullors’ income?

  • Patrisse Cullors’ net worth is $100k- $1 million. Cullors and her wife Janaya have purchased four properties in recent years. Three of those properties were in the Los Angeles area, and one was in suburban Atlanta.


  • Patrisse Cullors is a 38 years old American activist.
  • She advocated the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • She is also involved in various queer activities and identifies herself as gay.
  • She has authored two books.
  • She resigned as executive director of BLM foundation in 2021.
  • She was awarded the title Mario Savio Young Activist of the year 2007.
  • She was included in the list of 100 most influential women in 2020 by the BBC.
  • Following claims that Cullors (or businesses linked with her) had purchased many residences over a five-year period, a scandal emerged in various media sources in 2021.

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