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Harald Baldr: Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Achievements

Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr is a famous Norwegian travel vlogger. He was born in Oslo, Norway. Get info on Harald’s Networth, his relationship, height, weight and full bio

Who is Harald Baldr?

Harald Baldr is a Norwegian travel vlogger who is best now for his self-titled YouTube channel, where he documents his journey of traveling the world. He was born in Oslo, Norway.

Harald Baldr’s Career

When did Harald Baldr start traveling? Baldr started traveling in October 2001 with his student loan money which he was paying till August 2019. According to Baldr, he would save his money by cutting his hair, partying, and going out less, as well as switching to affordable products.

The travel vlogger started documenting his tour from Perth, Australia. Then he traveled to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.

Harald’s video features him interacting with the locals and making a connection with strangers. The way he interacts and connects with different people instantly makes his video worth watching.

He also donates his Patreon money to the locals who need money.

Harald Baldr’s Net Worth

Through YouTube ad revenue, Harald Baldr makes an estimated $500k -$600k per year. He also makes donations through Patreon done by his fans. But he donates the sum of money to the ones he thinks deserve the money.

As of 2020, Harald Baldr’s estimated net worth is rumored at USD 1 million.


  1. Harald Baldr has 1.59 million subscribers and acquired 239 million views as of October 18, 2020.
  2. He likes to keep his videos minimalist. Baldr doesn’t heavily edit his videos and mostly uploads without using any effects.
  3. Baldr has a soft spot for animals. Harald may be seen in his movies paying attention to whatever animal he encounters on his journey.
  4. He uses words like “Progressive” & “Mucho Mucho,” which his fans love to hear from him.
  5. Harald likes to keep away from Social media unless it’s Instagram. He doesn’t promote his social media accounts as other YouTubers do.
  6. Harald always makes sure to promote local businesses and shops through his videos. After getting exposure, local shops and enterprises see a spike in customers and clients.
  7. He is a fitness freak. Though he eats and drinks a lot in his videos when it comes to fitness, Baldr likes to work hard.
  8. Harald Baldr loves Pork a lot. Fans love to see him saying Pork Oclock (which means it’s time to eat pork) randomly at any time of the day.

Image credit: @heraldobaldieri Instagram

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