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Lil Durk: Net Worth, Biography, Careers, Achievements and More

Who is Lil Durk?

Durk Derrick Banks was born on 19th October 1992. He is popularly known by the name Lil Durk. He is a popular American rapper, musician, and songwriter. He is the lead unit and creator of his own united and record tag-Only the Family. His father, Dontay Banks, Sr. had been serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole, with no disclosed details throughout his childhood. He had an older brother, Dontay Banks Jr, Known as “D Thang.” As of 2020, he has six children. He is currently in a relationship with India Royale.

He released his first mixtape, “I was a Hitta,” in 2011. Unfortunately, he was sent to jail around the same time on weapons charges. After being released a few months later, he returned to focusing on his rap career. He was later released on bond, only to be sent back to serve 87 more days. On June 5, 2013, Banks was arrested after allegedly throwing a loaded. He was nominated for Best Rapper of 2016. Lil Durk has continued to have legal issues over the years. Only the Family is his collective and record label, and he is the founder and lead member (OTF).

Lil Durk’s father, Dontay Banks, Sr., was arrested in 1993 after being caught up in a crack-cocaine distribution ring in Chicago. Banks was sentenced to life in prison in July 1994, when Durk was just a baby. After serving 22 years, Banks won his appeal and, after nearly 25 years, was granted freedom in 2019.

Lil Durk

Quick Bio

Name Durk Derrick Banks
Born 19th October 1992
Gender Male
Birth Sign Libra
Country America
Nationality American
Religion Christian 
Ethnicity Not Available 
Profession Rapper, Musician, and Songwriter 
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 72 kg
Children 2
Eye Color Brown
Father Not Available 
Mother Nicole Covone
Spouse Single
Hair Color  Black
Net Worth $3 million
Profile  Twitter, Facebook

Early life

Who was he before getting famous?

Lil Durk had a great burden to run his Family at a very tender age because his father was confined when he was just seven months old. Lil Durk observed that there were moments when he did not have sufficient sustenance in his house when he was a youth. He began his initial breakthrough on social channels like YouTube and Myspace. He came to be more fond of the notion of being a rapper once his online follower’s roots began to thrive more promptly than anticipated. Lil Durk started to put up with his career extra seriously after being a father at the age of 17, which also led him to quit his high school studies. 

Lil Durk united with the Black Disciples after quitting high school. Soon after enrolling, he started to get into problems. In 2011, he was arrested for possessing unauthorized gun charges; He later was proved guilty. This did not end here back in 2013 as well. He was arrested for possession of illegal drugs.


What is he famous for?

By 2011, the Banks began accepting music as a good source of entertainment. After the intention to accept working with Chief Keef’s tags knocks over, he assumed rap as full-time employment after his two solos’ deliveries, each of which earned mainly favourable feedback from the audiences. After that, Durk’s career saw an upward hike in his popularity. People began noticing his career and talent in the rap world. Within a short time, many big labels started showing interest in working with him.

Personal Information

When was he born?

He was born on 19th October 1992 in a low-income family. His father was arrested by the law when he was an infant. Durk had to go through real pain to provide sustenance to the Family.


Who is Lil Durk dating?

Durk and Nicole Covone initially started going together back in 2008. They then greeted their early-born kid into the world. A couple of years later, the pair had their second kid before separating up soon afterwards. 


Another murder has occurred in the hip hop scene. ARoy, a member of the Only The Family crew, was shot and died in Chicago’s O’Block yesterday, December 13, according to sources. An encounter with the suspect is said to have led to the shooting.

Net worth 

What is the net worth of Lil Durk?

His net worth is estimated at around $3 million.

Lil Durk - Rich Forever Feat. Yfn Lucci (Produced By Chopsquad Dj) By Hip Hop Updates


  • He was born on 19th October 1992.
  • He was arrested several times under the law.
  • He is a famous rapper, an artist.

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