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Tom MacDonald: Biography, Careers, Relationship, Controversies

Tom MacDonald

Who is Tom MacDonald?

Thomas MacDonald is an independent and famous Canadian singer, songwriter, rapper, YouTuber, and well-known social media figure. He was born on 21st September in the year 1988. Those who love MacDonald and consider themselves as his fan are provided with the epithet- Hangover Gang. MacDonald is rated as one of the most debatable rappers in the music industry. He has a huge fanbase on social media, which started from his first song, “Helluvit”.

He belongs to the white ethnicity and holds the American nationality. He was raised by his mother, Lee Ann MacDonald, in his home town Vancouver. He spends his teenage working for being a professional wrestler.

His songs are an etching trait for his lovers and fanatics existing all around the globe nowadays. He has always been severe with his songs and wraps. He has always expressed his displeasure towards narcotics and illegal pills. Speaking about his lyrics and songs, he is a maestro as a lyricist and has unrivalled prowess, revealing his imprint of skill in the realm.

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Quick Bio

NameTom MacDonald
Born21st September 1988
Birth SignVirgo
ReligionNot Available
Height185 cm
Weight69 kg
ChildrenNot Available 
Eye ColorBlue
FatherNot Available 
MotherLeeAnn MacDonald
SpouseNova Rockafeller 
Hair Color Light Brown
Net Worth$750 thousand
ProfileInstagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter 


What are the major achievements of Tom MacDonald?

  • He started up his autonomous rapping career in 2009. His early record, LeeAnn’s Son, was broadcasted in 2014. During this time, he began his authorized YouTube channel with the sole Wannabe. His preliminary achievement began after his 2017 album -Dear Rappers.
  • MacDonald’s vogue has been interpreted as meteoric. On 20th November 2020, MacDonald released the single ‘Sellout.’ Within a half-day, the video crossed a million views, making it the most trending video on YouTube.
  • Tom MacDonald has timely, explicit releases that place a huge emphasis on the rhythmic subject as a unit of the prevailing tone of his music. His songs question racial problems, MacDonald’s song and verses challenge beliefs of mumble rap and hip-hop. His music is hard to categorize in any genre as it does not match with any of the domains.
  • His songs have also been evaluated as sophisticated.
  • Tom MacDonald is famously acknowledged for his songs “Whiteboy” and “Straight White Male”, which both induced tons of contradictory judgment due to the trite and cheesy essence of the lyrics.
  • MacDonald released the track “Coronavirus” in March 2020, which was inspired by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Personal information

What is the height of Tom Macdonald?

  • In 2016, Macdonald suffered from serious mental deterioration from narcotics, liquor, and anxiety. In early 2017, he was healing from his breakdown. In August 2017, he published his early music after mildly recovering from his anxiety- Dear Rappers. He is 1.85m in height. His eye colour is blue, and he has a unique hairstyle. 
  • He currently resides in Los Angeles.


What is the relationship status of Tom MacDonald?

  • He came in the news with his love affair in 2017. He started dating Nova Rockafeller, who is a famous singer in Canada. She promises and propagates MacDonald’s song and wrap videos.

Net worth 

What is the Net worth of Tom MacDonald?

  • He is assumed to be one of the most dubious rappers in the hip-hop domain in 2020. People aware of his chore know that he is so much more than a creative hip-hop artist. The latest estimates of his net income are around $100 thousand. 
  • He earned most of his wealth through his music career and subsidizing his capital in properties.


  • Tom MacDonald was born on 21st September 1998
  • Tom Macdonald is a famous Canadian rapper with maximum followers on YouTube and other social platforms.
  • His net worth is calculated at around $100 thousand as per the latest source.
  • He is a famous celeb with many controversies recorded on his list.


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