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iDubbbz: Biography, History, Achievements And More

Who is iDubbbz?

Ian Carter, more popularly recognized as iDubbbz, is a famous YouTuber. He is an American identity that is also a comedian, adequately popular as the author of YouTube alleys- iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames-and funny video sequel- Content Cop, Kickstarter Crap, and Bad Unboxing. His diss channel, known as Asian Jake Paul, reported and topped among the 24 on Billboard’s US. Like many other YouTubers, he started gaming. IDubbbz continued to upload gaming videos on his channel until March 18, 2013.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Although his parents encouraged him to pursue a career, by the time he had graduated, his YouTube channel had grown to the point where it became economically viable to pursue it as a full-time venture.

Arguably, iDubbbz’s most successful series, Content Cop, is aimed toward creators of various topics in which their content is highly questionable or poorly executed. The series had brought in over 250 million views combined for him.

 iDubbbz Quick Bio

NameIan Carter
Born27th July 1970
Birth signJuly
EthnicityNot available 
ProfessionYouTuber and gamer
Weight71 kg
ChildrenNot available 
Eye Colorbrown
FatherNot available 
MotherNot available 
SpouseAnisa Jomha
Hair colour brown
Net Worth$1.4 million

Early life

Know more about iDubbbz

  • iDubbbz started his YouTube handle on 17th August 2012 but didn’t post any tape till 30th August. He started his lane by uploading game videos. The early tape was of him splashing the holiday portion of the contest Overgrowth. He proceeded to post gaming tapes and stayed a regular YouTuber till mid-2013 when he primarily uploaded gaming videos. The tape was sighted numerous views and watches, receiving a surplus than a million reached within a limited period.


What made him famous?

  • Carter’s most famous Content Cop succession features other YouTube alleys, critiquing their text along with their holder’s posture and posts on social media. Each event of Content Cop has been named an event by his contemporary YouTube hosts, with each fresh event spurs animosity.
  • Associate YouTube temperament- Philip DeFranco has asserted that he is an enthusiast of Carter, citing his thorough but amusing critique technique. Carter has created Content Cops on a large variation of YouTube attitudes such as Daniel “Keemstar”  and Bryan “RiceGum” Le.
  • Carter’s initial Content Copy was published in mid-December 2015 and targeted the response of famous YouTuber Reload. In the tape, he denounces his unusual existing videos as cringe-worthy, i.e. How to become YouTube star, his farce conferences where he surveys hit celebrities and their reactions are the ditties to the interviewee’s music, and Comics in the Hood, the truth that he hasn’t enhanced the optical integrity beyond 720p, alleging it was so he could post more repeatedly, and his non-transformative response videos.

Personal Information

What is his birth date and birthplace?

  • His actual name is- Ian Carter. His date of birth is 27th July 1970. He has two siblings, Troy and Kevin. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, United States.


Who is he dating?

  • Unlike other celebrities, iDubbbz did not keep his dating life a top secret; instead, he was very vocal and open about it.
  • In 2016, he started going with a famous gamer and YouTuber -Anisa Jomha.
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Net Worth

Know about his total net worth

  • iDubbbz calculated net worth is around $1.4 million.

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  • He is an outstanding gamer and YouTube.
  • His real name is Ian Carter. 
  • His net worth is over $1.4 million.
  • He is more traditionally known for his roasting tapes which he posts on his YouTube channel.
  • He is more popular for his stage name iDubbbz
  • He is dating a famous gamer Anisa Jomha.
  • After his girlfriend, Anisa Johma, announced her “lewd” OnlyFans on Twitter in March 2020, several of iDubbbz’s admirers rushed to social media.

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