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Ice Poseidon: Biography, Careers, Relationship, Controversies

Who is Ice Poseidon?

Paul Denino, an American social media star who goes by the name of Ice Poseidon on the internet. He went to college to study finance. He is one of the most famous YouTubers and often lives streams his YouTube channels. He was initially associated with Twitch and its new ‘in real life’ section where the vloggers could interact with their viewers directly by capturing videos of their real-life incidents. However, after a swatting incident, Denino was banned from Twitch, and his account was removed from the website. Since then, he has become more active on the video-sharing platform YouTube and runs his own channel.

Paul Denino was born in Stuart, Florida, on September 29, 1994, to Michael Denino and Enza Denino. He initially planned to major in finance but later changed his mind and decided to focus on his career as a social media influencer. Denino’s fan base is controversial, with some describing the community as ‘toxic’ due to their frequent use of racial and sexual slurs and harassment. After leaving Twitch, Denino became more active on YouTube, where he already had a channel under ‘Ice Poseidon’. Denino has returned to YouTube streaming, and as of June 2021, he is still doing it on a regular basis.

Interestingly, his switch to YouTube didn’t result in the loss of his fan base. Along with him, his devoted group of fans also transitioned to the video-sharing platform. It began subscribing to his YouTube channel even though YouTube is not the most popular platform for streaming.

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Quick Bio

Name Ice Poseidon (Paul Denino)
Born September 29, 1994 (26 years old)
Gender Male
Profession YouTuber
Birth Sign Pisces
Country Florida, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White
Height 6 feet 2 inches

185 cm

1.85 meters

Weight 67 kilograms

143 lbs

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Father Michael Denino
Mother Enza Denino
Spouse Carolina Burt (divorced)
Children N/A
Net Worth $ 200 thousand
ProfilesInstagram, Facebook


What is Ice Poseidon famous for?

  • Ice Poseidon was born on 29th  September to his parents Michale and Enza Denino. he wanted to learn finance in the beginning but later switched his mind to become a social media influencer, and he is doing amazing at it is present.
  • One of the famous twitch collaborated streamer is Ice Poseidon. He gained fame in 2015 when he would live stream Run escape with his pseudo name being Ice Poseidon. he created this name at the age of twelve, and there was such a certain plan to do so. He got into the sector of live streaming when he would live stream about Pokémon Go.
  • Twitch even banned him several times. Twitch then announced that Denino could stream in their IRL section debut. However, he was again restricted as during the live session, he revealed the cellphone number.
  • This led to the third restriction that he faced leading him to stay restricted for 45 days. During this time, Denino decided to move to California to follow his career in Twitch full-time. After his IRL genre and using mobile broadcasting, he gradually became the most amazing live streamer globally.
  • The name of his live streams are Edgy. he even meets with his viewers in the open apart from engaging them with text-to-speech. This is done when the viewers specify their current location during the stream. This is called stream spinning. There is an undying relationship between controversies and Ice Poseidon. He is often into controversies due to bullying.
  • During his tour in Europe, he got into a controversy where a tabloid talked about him being kicked out of hotels due to his bullying nature and him going out of the rule and regulations of the state. He was banned by the majority of the twitches from uploading the clips of swatting.
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  • Despite previously saying in an earlier YouTube video that he would utilise cryptocurrencies to deceive naïve purchasers, Denino established the cryptocurrency ‘CxCoin’ in July 2021 with the goal of allowing streamers to get support.

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Personal Information

What is the height and weight of Ice Poseidon?

  • Ice Poseidon is only 26 years old and is quite tall, with a height of 1.85m. His weight is normal and is about 67kg.


Who is the wife of Ice Poseidon?

  • Ice Poseidon got married to Carolina Burt. However, the two got divorced soon after their marriage.

Ice Poseidon Net Worth

What is the Net worth of Ice Poseidon?

  • Denino has earned through his career as a live streamer, and his net worth is estimated to be 200 thousand USD as of 2021. He always makes efforts to come out of the controversies that he is often a part of.


  • He is a live streamer and a professional collaborator with Twitch.
  • He has been a part of several controversies due to his bullying nature.
  • He was banned several times from the platform for his acts.
  • He wanted a career in finance but later went to become a social media influencer.


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