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Deermeatfordinner: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More


Deermeatfordinner is one of the most famous American Youtube channels. The channel’s joining date is 27 February 2013. Get info on Deermeatfordinner’s page Networth and full bio.

Deermeatfordinner is a popular Youtube channel created by the husband-wife duo Robert Arrington and Sarah Arrington in February 2013.

What is Deermeatfordinner?

Deermeatfordinner is one of the most famous American Youtube channels. It currently has 2.84 million subscribers, and the numbers are increasing day by day. The channel is chiefly concerned with hunting and catching prey and making them edible. It has accumulated over 708 million views, including all the videos. Robert Arrington and Sarah Arrington are the creators of the famous Youtube channel. They are on and off-screen partners who stay with each other in every situation. Deermeatfordinner also deals with the different vlogs of the creator. It has given a platform to share the life and adventures of the couple. 

Due to the channel’s popularity, the Arrington family leads a celebrity life. They have also made it to the news and other media platforms several times. Deermeatfordinner appeared in the series Respect Outdoors which ran for three seasons. They have also been featured in the Tom Rowland Podcast. The Youtube channel is the destination for meat lovers. The husband-wife duo is a professional hunter who collaborated with Silver Stag Knives. Moreover, they run their website. After the success of Deermeatfordinner, Arrington created another channel FreshFishForDinner which has 20.3K subscribers.

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Who is Robert Arrington?

Robert Arrington is a television as well as an internet personality. He is a professional hunter who claims to be an ardent meat lover. Arrington was born in 1984 in Jupiter, Florida, USA. He has expressed that all his hunting skills came from his grandfather. In 2010, the hunter started hosting the reality show Respect Outdoors. It ran for three seasons and was made to telecast real-life experiences.

The series also showed hunting as well as fishing in different situations. After leaving the TV show, Robert Arrington collaborated with his wife and created a Youtube channel named Deermeatfordinner. At present, he is mainly recognised for his internet presence. Apart from the main channel, the hunter has two other tracks with 9.75K subscribers and 5.8K subscribers. 

Who is Sarah Arrington?

Sarah Arrington is Robert Arrington’s beloved wife and partner in content creation. She was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Sarah would join her father while hunting and fishing in her childhood. She has excelled in softball, which she still practices. But when it comes to hunting, the internet personality is always passionate. The hunter accompanies her husband on his adventurous journey in Deermeatfordinner. The couple hunts and makes delicious dishes of meat in their channel.

Moreover, Sarah has a separate Youtube channel titled DeerMom, with 99.2K subscribers. Her do-it-yourself videos are also popular among the public. Sarah and Robert Arrington have given birth to two loving daughters named Karen Evans and Lisa Arrington. They often appear in Deermeatfordinner.

Deermeatfordinner’s Quick Bites

Name Deermeatfordinner
Joining Date27 February 2013
Origin PlaceUnited States of America
GenreHunting, meat, food, cooking, Vlog
Subscribers2.84 million subscribers
Creator(s)Robert Arrington

Sarah Arrington

Birth PlaceRobert Arrington- Jupiter, Florida, USA

Sarah Arrington- Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Birth DateRobert Arrington- 1984 (Age 37)

Sarah Arrington- August 29, 1990 (Age 31)

Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenKaren Evans and Lisa Arrington
Other ChannelsFreshFishForDinner- 20.3K subscribers

Robert Arrington- 5.8K subscribers

Robert Arrington- 9.75K subscribers

DeerMom- 99.2K subscribers

Social Media HandlesYoutube









Net Worth$1.8 Million

Deermeatfordinner’s Net worth

What is Deermeatfordinner’s net worth?

Deermeatfordinner is a popular Youtube channel with over two million subscribers. Its net worth is $1.8 Million.

DeerMeatForDinner (Robert Arrington) Net Worth 2021, Bio, Age, Wife


  • Robert and Sarah Arrington created Deermeatfordinner.
  • It has 145k followers on Instagram.
  • Robert Arrington hosted the TV show Respect Outdoors.

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