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Helen Yee Husband: Net Worth, Careers, Achievements and More

Who is Helen Yee Husband?

Very little information is available about the relationship status of Helen Yee. Many newspapers have concurred that Helen Yee is single, and she is not in a relationship with anyone for the time being. While on a few platforms, it has been observed that Helen Yee is in a relationship with Dave Schmulenson.

It has also been observed that Helen Yee and Dave Schmulenson have lived together for a long time. On the other hand, the assurance of their relationship status can’t be inferred because the couple has kept their private life secret from the limelight. They are always away from the media’s eyes.

Helen Yee on Twitter: "Happy Valentines Day My Love @theschmo312 😘 Thank you for making every day so special. I'm so thankful for our journey together ❤️ @theschmozone #HappyValentinesDay https://t.co/xQaZDj1F4U" / Twitter

A Quick Bio of Helen Yee’s Husband

Birth NameDavid Schmulenson
Born30 November 1989
ProfessionSports Journalist, Podcaster, Actor, 
Birth SignNot Available
Country United States
Height5 foot 7inches or 170 cm
Weight72 KG or 160 lbs
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlack
Sexual OrientationStraight
High SchoolNot known
CollegeNot Known

What does Helen Yee Husband do? 

  • David is a prominent sports journalist, and he is reckoned as the most versatile MMA journalist. David has created a character to earn a better career and gain relevancy. He also runs a podcast with Helen Yee, where he talks with MMA fighters. Their chemistry on the podcast is commendable.
  • David is a great person in real life. People love how he brings no drama to interviews, never asks any questions on controversial topics, and has fun bringing out excellent sides of people. He is a fantastic reporter who asks relevant questions demonstrating your intelligence and prep work/research for each interview. He always gives insight into fighters that other reporters don’t mention or do diligence. He is an actual reporter and asset to the MMA community. The valuable content has a large number of fellowship and audience. 
  • People love hearing the stories of grind, like when Helen mentioned sleeping in her car and sometimes crying from doubting herself. It’s super inspiring and quite fascinating. Helen and Dave run their podcast on YouTube every week. These guys are busting their efficiency to bring good behind-the-scenes coverage of the MMA world. 
  • Their podcast mainly describes the backstory of MMA fighters, insightful sports comments/debate, and great motivational talk from two guys who’ve bent over backwards to get to where they are. It is a top-rated podcast.

Are Helen Yee and Helen Yee’s boyfriend Dave Schmulenson engaged?

  • There is no information available about Helen Yee and David Schmulenson. It has been speculated that both are happy together and want to keep their relationship hidden from the public eyes. For the time being, we don’t know whether Helen Yee and David Schmulenson are engaged or not, but it is sure that they are in love and respect each other’s privacy.
  • Helen and Dave were together since it is obvious they travel together and interview the same people and post around the same time. So, it is obvious they are in a live-in relationship. Both of them are doing great work, and it’s nice to see both of them working their way to the top with different approaches (both great) but supporting and working with each other when possible.

Helen Yee on Twitter: "Happy 30th birthday to my love & best friend. What a year it's been! I'm so happy to see you happy & so happy the world gets toPeople Also Search For Ryan Clark and Corey Perry Wife