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xQc: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More.


Who is xQc? 

Félix Lengyel was born on 12th November 1995. He is a famous figure who is popularly known by his online name xQc. He is a popular Twitch streamer, internet identity, and former proficient Overwatch partaker. Lengyel was in the team of Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League. He now surges his time on Twitch as a diversity pennant for the Canadian esports institution Luminosity Gaming.

Though xQc has been a gamer for his whole life, his career as an online personality didn’t begin with Overwatch. Growing up in Quebec, Canada, his first passion was extreme sports. Teaming up with a childhood friend, xQc created his first YouTube videos by pulling off bold stunts and impressive tricks on skateboards, snowboards, and even trampolines.

He is a Canadian streamer and professional Overwatch gamer best known for his Twitch streams. Felix has played for several esports organizations. He played for the Dallas Fuel in their inaugural season in the Overwatch League before the Fuel released him due to controversy and suspensions. He now streams full-time on Twitch for the Canadian eSports organization Luminosity Gaming. His username, xQc, originates from the last letter of Felix and the abbreviation of his home province in Canada, Quebec.

A former player for the Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel, xQc transitioned to a career as a full-time streamer in 2019, building his following by expanding his repertoire of games to include shooter titles such as Overwatch and Fortnite alongside strategy games such as chess.

Quick Bio

Name Félix Lengyel/ xQc
Born 12th November 1995
Gender Male
Birth Sign Scorpio
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Religion Not Available
Ethnicity French Canadian
Profession Gamer, YouTuber, Vlogger
Height 188 cm
Weight 130 lb
Children Not Available 
Eye Color Dark Brown
Father Not Available 
Mother Not Available 
Spouse Single
Hair Color  Brown
Net Worth $1.5-3 million 
Profile Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


What is xQc famous for?

  • Lengyel is popularly recognized as xQc. His origin is French-Canadian. He is a famous streamer and a gamer who has been occupying the tank part since 2017. In the 2017 season, he played for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League before quitting the team due to several allegations and controversies circulated against him. After that, he united with the Tank Gladiators Legion, a squad that made it to Los Angeles. Lengyel also took part in the Overwatch World Cup and played for the Canadian team from 2017 to 2019.
  • He has been taking part in numerous games and events taking place on Twitch. His primary section and the most viewed -Just Chatting, nearly every one of his creeks comprises this. In this section, he primarily reacts to displays and tapes sent in by his observers. He uploads his responses on his YouTube channel under the label -xQcOW.
  • After the Legion’s 2020 Contenders season was cancelled, Lengyel decided to continue streaming full-time on Twitch.

Personal Information

What is the height of xQc?

  • He is 188 cm in height and has a dark brown eye colour.
  • Lengyel was born and brought up in the region of Laval, Quebec. His parents separated when he was just a year old, and he rose with his siblings in shared custody of his parents. Lengyel acquired a fondness for video games, skateboarding, trampolining, and snowboarding at an adolescent age. He started uploading some of his stunts and pranks on his YouTube channel.
  • After finishing his secondary academy, Lengyel moved on to study arts at CEGEP, and then he shuffled to management. xQc turned out to drop out after 3.5 years, just before graduation and began streaming events on Twitch. Lengyel initially started playing League of Legends on Twitch but later switched to Overwatch.  


What is the relationship status of xQc?

  • As per the sources of 2020, Lengyel’s is not going out or dating anyone. Twenty-five years old Lengyel is living a single life. As per the records from CelebsCouples, Lengyel just had one relationship formerly, which has ended. xQc is a single focusing to make his future bright by streaming games online.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of xQc?

  • It is calculated that Lengyel, aka xQc, has a net worth of $1.5-3 million as an outcome of his increased subscriber tally on Twitch and earnings from views on his YouTube channel.


  • He was born on 12th November 1995.
  • He is a Canadian gamer, YouTuber, and streamer.
  • As of 2020, his net worth is around $1.5-3 million.

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