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“Today I Found Out” Channel Facts That You Have Never Heard Off!

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In this article, you will find out facts related to Youtuber Simon Whistler‘s channel “Today I Found out”.

The contents of this channel are mostly educational and entertainment videos. People love watching these videos for entertainment and to quench their curiosity created by the thumbnail of the videos.

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Note: The numbers shown in the facts are true as of February 2020 and some numbers will definitely change as the time passes.

So, Let’s Get Started!


  1. “Today I found out” youtube channel was created on Oct 13th, 2011. The channel will become 9 years old on Oct 13th, 2020.
  2. It has over 2 million subscribers.
  3. Out of millions of channels in the United States, the channel is ranked 1,849th which is appreciatable.
  4. Simon Whistler earns approximately $1.8k to $29.1k in revenue per day from this channel alone.
  5. The channel gets 100k to 300k views on the videos per day.
  6. The channel currently has 1,587 videos uploaded.
  7. The channel is gaining more than 10k subscribers per day.

Facts source: Social Blade


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