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Sedona Prince Girlfriend: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Sedona Prince Girlfriend

Who is Sedona Prince Girlfriend?

With 51 posts on Sedona Prince Instagram profile, we have seen a new love of Sedona finding her way through her Instagram account. Most of the time, it is mentioned in Sedona’s Instagram account that Rylee LeGlue is famous as a tiktoker. Most searched as lesbian and her fairy girlfriend, the couple has been in the public eyes for a long time now. A recent post from Prince Sedona said that tall lesbian and fairy girlfriend is back at it again. 

Sedona’s girlfriend Riley LeGlue is 4’9″ while her lover Sedona Prince is 6’2″. At the early age of 21 years, Rylee LeGlue was seen entering the comment section of Sedona on March 9. Sedona Prince became a public person with a video that she posted. She came into the limelight after exposing the disparity between women’s basketball weight rooms and men’s basketball restrooms.

The NCAA basketball tournament was backlashed, and the authorities took proper care. Prince Sedona went viral after this video got viral. The women’s training section contains six sets of varying weight dumbbells in the video. In contrast, compared with the men’s area, it included a wide variety of training racks, barriers, plates, dumbbells, and benches. 

The video captioned as “let me put it on Twitter cause this needs the attention”. With 63k comments, the video went viral.

Quick Bio Of Sedona Prince Girlfriend

Birth NameRylee LeGlue
ProfessionTiktok Star
Birth Sign2000
WeightNot Available
Hair ColourNot Available
Eye ColourNot Available
High SchoolNot Available
CollegeNorthwestern State University
Net worthNot Available




What does Sedona Prince Girlfriend do?

  • Rylee LeGlue is a TikTok content creator who has around 75,000 followers. 
  • With a net worth of $2 million, Sedona found Rylee LeGlue. Also, he has an extensive TikTok fan base. In Oregon Ducks, Sedona Prince is open about homosexuality and is a relationship with Rylee LeGlue. 
  • The athlete began releasing videos with a new lover as best friends; the netizens were astonished by the difference in height. The couples participate in various activities together and include couple lifting challenges.
  • Compared to Rylee LeGlue, it is her way of being famous on TikTok. The couple is renowned for their duets and is welcomed by the audience. The videos reach as many as a million viewers, and the audience eagerly waits for the couple’s coming up live.

When did Sedona Prince Girlfriend and Rylee LeGlue get married?

  • As for now, Prince Sedona is focused on her basketball championships.  At 21 years old, she is currently not looking for marriage. And the same is expected from Rylee LeGlue, who is presently busy posting her TikTok videos. We do not expect their marriage at such a young age. 
  • Sedona Prince has played soccer, golf, volleyball and won the District volleyball championship in 2013. Right now, the couple has a long way to go where Sedona Prince will be playing various titles for the US while Rylee LeGlue is handling her fame as a TikTok star. 
  • We wish her all the best. We are happy to see both the couples cherishing each other despite the netizens in the comments. Sedona Prince is a prominent player from the “ducks” from the University of Texas. She spent her freshman year recovering from an injury. With a $2 million net worth, Sedona Prince has so much waiting for her in life. While Rylee LeGlue shortly might be seen as a Hollywood Star. Nobody knows what destiny holds for both of them.


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