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Faze Highsky: Careers, Biography, Relationships & More

Faze Highsky is a famous Romanian – American gamer, YouTuber, a Competitive eSports gamer. He was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States on 1st April 2007. Get info on Faze’s Networth, his relationship, height, weight, and full bio.

Faze High sky or Patrick Bragaru is known to be amongst the youngest competitive player. He was featured in “Fornite: Battle Royal” players in the game. It was on the 1st of April 2020 that Faze or Patrick got the membership of Fazeclan.

Who is Faze Highsky?

Faze Highsky was born in Romania, on 1st April 2007. He soon moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with his family at a very young age.

Faze is known for his gaming skills. He got to join the Faze Clan at a very early age in his life. He has been gaming for a long time. He was even banned initially from social media platforms but now since he is eligible, his social media accounts and his gaming charm can save the day.

Faze Clan'S Youngest Member, 12-Year-Old H1Ghsky1, Gets Twitch Account Deactivated After Lying About His Age - Tubefilter

Faze Highsky’s Quick Bio

Birth Name Patrick Braga
Born 1st April 2007
Gender male
Profession Competitive eSports Gamer, YouTuber
Birth Sign Aries
Country Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality Romanian-American
Religion Not known
Height 5’2” or 158 cm
Weight 61 lbs or 28kgs
Hair Color Light Grey and Black
Eye Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
High School Not Known
College Not Applicable
Net Worth 2 million dollars USD
Profile Instagram ( Faze Highsky Instagram Handle)

Twitter (Faze Highsky Twitter Handle)

Facebook (Def Highsky  Facebook Handle)

Playing Position Not applicable
Works Twitch


Faze Clan 

Faze Highsky’s Career

What is the success story of Faze Highsky?

Faze Highsky started his journey as a gamer very early in life. His parents supported him in his endeavors and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Faze is considered to be the only youngest player to ever get into FazeClan. And from that day onwards, Faze has become a well-known name in the game world. He has received love, support, and care from everywhere he went. 

However, Patrick had to fight a lawsuit that was filed against him being in FazeClan for being underage. He was 13 years of age when he first joined FazeClan. Soon his accounts on Twitch and from Twitter were deleted because of the lawsuit. His accounts are being stopped till he reaches the age of 14. Patrick or Faze will not even be able to do any live streaming or uploading of any videos on Twitch. If any rules are broken while he is still a minor, then Faze will lose all his royalty with Twitch and other eCommerce or online platforms. 

Patrick is not a part of the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers. He will only be eligible to play when he turns 13. Even the qualifier results have no mention of Faze Highsky’s name. and are also in the top 100. 

It was on the eve of July 6th that Faze live-streamed on YouTube after his ban from Twitch. In the Livestream, Faze confessed to having lied about his age to be a part of the FazeClan. Because of this very reason, Patrick can be removed from the FazeClan and may even have to pay some remuneration.

Faze Highsky’s Personal Information

What is the physical appearance of Faze High sky?

Faze High sky is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 123lbs, i.e., 56 kgs. Faze has black eyes with black and grey hair. Even though he is a kid, his confidence and his body language say otherwise.

Faze Highsky’s Relationship

What is the relationship status of Faze Highsky?

Faze Highsky is still staying with his parents and his siblings. Because of FazeClan, Patrick and his family moved to Los Angeles, California. Mother Viorica and Father Petru live with their children in Los Angeles California. Faze has four siblings in total. Their names are not available. However, Faze or Patrick has three brothers and one sister.  

Faze Highsky’s Net Worth

What is the net worth of Faze Highsky?

Faze Highsky’s net worth in 2021 is evaluated to be USD 633.28 thousand. 


  • Faze Highsky was the youngest ever to join FazeClan.
  • Faze has been associated with Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

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