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Faze Apex: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More.

Faze Apex (born June 20, 1996) is a famous video gamer who is also co-founder of the famous esports franchise Faze Clan. His real name is Yousef Abdelfattah. He started gaming from a very early age and was one of the most recognizable members of the “Call of Duty” industry. He was also regarded as a co-founder of the famous franchise “Call of Duty’s organization Faze Clan on May 30, 2010.

He is really famous on social media, with over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. In 2020, his Faze Clan expanded to other franchises covering the Asian market, such as FIFA online and PUBG. He made his channel under the name of ‘bananafone34’ in early November 2008 but didn’t upload anything until mid-November 2010. He joined FaZe a few months later, on March 6, 2011.

He has been making YouTube videos of himself playing video games from a young age. He started posting them at just 14 years old in 2008. At the start of his career, Faze mostly played Call of Duty and went by the name Atrocity HD. He became popular for his YouTube videos detailing his Call of Duty and video gameplay.

From gaming collaborations to sports, from vlogs to pranks, Apex is badass. He is also followed on other social media sites by his devoted fans. On Instagram, he has 1.5 million fans, and on Twitter, he has 1.57 million followers. His official Facebook page has harnessed over 100K fans. He is recently covering Among Us and other trivia videos on his YouTube channel. Discover Faze Apex’s height, career path, relationship, net worth, and full bio below.

Faze Apex

Quick Bio

NameFaze Apex (Yousef Afdelfattah)
BornJune 20, 1996 ( 24 years old)
Birth SignGemini
Height175cm (in centimetres)
1.75 m (in meters)
5 ft 9 in (in feet and inches)
Weight68 kgs (in kilograms)
147lbs (in pounds)
Hair Color Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$ 3 Million
ProfilesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube


When did Faze Apex become a member of the Faze Clan?

  • He started playing games from a very early age. He made his first YouTube channel under the name “bananafone 34” in 2008. But he did not post any videos at that time. He finally started posting gaming videos in 2010. He would share his trickshot videos of Call of Duty and quietly and quickly generate fans worldwide. He started to get recognized in the Call of Duty world by the name “Atrocity HD”.
  • He joined Faze on March 6, 2011, and simultaneously became a co-founder of the group. The group was previously limited to esports organizations but has now been branded as a sportswear and talent hunt hub. Faze Clan is limited to Call of Duty anymore and is expanding on the Asian gaming market.
  • The members of Faze Clan have expanded to FIFA online, Pubg, Fortnite, Battlegrounds, and Rainbow Seige Six.
  • Faze Apex is not limited to the gaming industry as his Faze Clan has now taken steps into films and Television. They launched Faze studios teaming up with the founder of Sugar 23, a famous television and film producer, Michael Sugar. In 2018 Faze Apex, along with Faze Clan, opened a food supplement company called CTRL.
  • He is also involved in a partnership with international brands like NFL and the famous English Club Manchester city. Faze Apex has also introduced his own clothing line called Fazecian.
  • Social Media – He has also started sharing on Instagram. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Basically shares his photos and videos with his friends, funny edited photos, and his time with his nephews.

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Personal Information

How tall is Faze Apex? 

  • He stands at the height of 5 ft 9 inches and weighs about 68 kg. He has black colour hair, and his eyes colour is dark brown. His zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Not much is known about Faze Apex as he likes to keep his life very private. There is a rumour that he was born in Palestine and is of mixed ethnicity y, but it cannot be confirmed. His hobbies include travelling, playing video games with his friends, and tasting different cultural foods.


Who is Faze Apex dating now? 

  • There is not much known about Faze Apex’s dating news and his girlfriend’s news. We can safely assume that Faze Apex is currently single and rather is focused on his career. He may have had at least one relationship in the past, but nothing is heard in the news as he likes to keep his personal life extremely private.
  • The name of his father, mother and siblings are not known. But he does have two nephews who appear in his video and Instagram frequently. Everyone calls them Faze Baby and Faze Baby 2.0.

Faze Apex Net worth

How much is Faze Apex’s net worth? 

  • Faze Apex is a mega YouTuber and well-respected name in the Call of Duty franchise. He has massive subscribers, over 6 million, and is co-founder of glorious Faze Clan. He is also co-owner of Faze studios, and he also has his own merchandise line. His primary source of income is from advertisers, brand deals, and game prizes. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be about $ 3 Million.


  • His real name is Yousef Abdelfattah.
  • He started making YouTube videos in 2008.
  • He is co-founder of Faze Clan.
  • His net worth is approximately $ 5 Million.
  • Faze Apex and Faze Rug is both famous American YouTubers and members of the Faze Clan.


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