Home Youtuber Shammi Prasad : Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Achievements

Shammi Prasad : Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Achievements

Shammi Prasad

Who is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad(born February 1, 1993) is a popular and famous Facebook personality. His nickname is Simply Sammi. He is renowned for his prank, challenge, and vlog videos. His videos have gone viral multiple times in the Facebook community.

His viral videos have given him fame all over other social media platforms. He has over 700,000 followers on Facebook and over 930,000 YouTube subscribers. He is also really famous on his Instagram, with over 1 million followers.

He is famous for sharing vlogs, pranks, challenges, and regular Qs and A’s with his brother. His favorite videos include pranking his brother. Discover Shammi’s height, weight, age, net worth, relationship, and full bio below. He’d amass a following of more than 7 million people. Shammi’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, according to astrologers.

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Shammi Prasad’s Quick Bio

NameShammi Prasad
Bornborn February 1, 1993
Birth SignAquarius
Height185 cm (in centimeters )
1.85 m (in meters)
6 ft 1 inch (in feet and inches)
Weight70 kg (in kilograms)
154 lbs (in pounds)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
SpouseSarah Rae
Net Worth$13 million
ProfilesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Shammi Prasad’s Career

What is Shammi Prasad famous for?
Shammi Prasad is a popular Facebook personality mainly known for his pranks and challenge videos. He first posted on Facebook in 2014. His first post was titled “That feeling the Day before Pay Day.” Now he is one of the most famous facebook celebrities, with over 770,000 followers.

One of the most popular posts he uploaded was jumping off a balcony of a 50-storied hotel called the Meriton in Southport, Queensland. He shared the video to his Instagrammer where a man was hurled to the ground from an insane height and later broke his fall via Parachute.

The stunt landed him minor controversies, and influential newspapers worldwide slammed him and urged the governments to jail him for his actions.

He was also famous for pulling a prank in the Melbourne cup. Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most famous horse race. To the crowd’s dismay, he turned off the projector and raised his hand in victory. The group was furious and tried to hurt him visually, but with the help of security, he escaped. Queensland Police later questioned him but later released him when no incident occurred.

Similarly, his regular YouTube series of pranking his friends titled “How to piss your mates off” is quite popular on YouTube. The videos have over 5 million views regularly, and their subscribers are increasing day by day. Currently, he has almost 930,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Not only on YouTube, but he is also equally popular on Instagram. He posts photos and snippets of his vlogs and pranks and challenges. He loves to post hanging out with his friends and his mates. Currently, he has over 1.5 million Instagram.

Shammi Prasad’s Personal Information

What is the height of Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad stands at the height of 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighs about 70 kg. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He has black color hair and he has black color eyes.

He has a tall thin, and muscular body. He has short facial hair and does not possess any tattoos.

Shammi Prasad’s Relationship

Who is Shammi Prasad dating now? Shammi Prasad is currently dating Sarah Rae Yong. She is a model and a popular Instagram personality. She frequently appears in Shammi’s Instagram and prank videos. He has not shared any information about his previous dating status, and there are no pictures of him involving anyone. He is also private enough to keep his dating life confidential and away from the media.

There is not much information about his parents and their whereabouts regarding his family. They appear on social media of Shammy occasionally, but nothing of relevant information has been gathered about them.

He did have one brother named Jayden Prasad. Jayden is a professional football player for the Australian national team and plays in the midfield position.

Shammi Prasad’s Net Worth

What is the net worth of Shammi Prasad?

Shammi is famous for his Facebook and social media pranks, vlogs, and challenges. He has various numbers of followers and fans worldwide. His primary source of income is from social media advertisements and paid sponsorships.

As of 2020, his net worth is approximately $13 million.

Some Quick Trivia of Shammi Prasad

  • He first posted on Facebook in 2014.
  • He was nearly jailed for jumping from 50 storied hotel building.
  • He was also highly criticized for disturbing Melbourne Cup.
  • His Net Worth as of 2020 is estimated to be approximately $13 million.
  • Shammi Prasad and Alex Burriss are two famous American YouTubers popular for their pranks.