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Lauren Chen Fiance: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Lauren Chen Fiance

Lauren Chen Fiance

The full name of Lauren Chen is Lauren Elise Chen. Her Fiancé is Liam Donovan. Lauren Chen’s fiancé is around 30 years old. His accurate age has not been known till now. He is almost 5 feet 10 inches tall. Liam has not been informed about his family. Though Lauren Chen’s fiancé is not as popular as she is, he is a famous producer and an active member on social media platforms like Instagram.

Lauren Chen Fiance, Liam Donovan, is renowned for Pseudo- Intellectual with Lauren, released in 2016. After three years, in 2019, Mediaholic was released. This show will last till 2021. It also helped him achieve fame as a producer. He is a director and a writer as well.

Lauren Chen on Twitter: "He's looking pretty cute if I do say so myself 😏" / Twitter

What does Lauren Chen Fiance, Liam Donovan, do?

Lauren Chen’s fiancé, Liam Donovan, is well-known for both of his works Pseudo- Intellectual with Lauren (2016) and Mediaholic (2019-2021).  He is a famous producer and a famous writer and director. He has 1375 followers on Instagram, and he is following 151 people and pages on that particular social media platform. He is following 269 people on Twitter, and there he has 2163 followers. Lauren Chen’s fiancé did not inform the media about his income. But his lifestyle helps us assume that he earns a handsome amount of money. Both he and Lauren Chen, his fiancée, enjoy their lives luxuriously. 

When did Lauren Chen and Lauren Chen Fiance get married?

  • It has been informed that Lauren Chen got engaged to Liam Donovan in 2017 when Lauren was only 23 years old. Lauren Chen and her fiancé revealed their relationship in front of the common mass on Instagram in 2018. Their beautiful moments were captured and shared on social media platforms. She showed her engagement ring in March 2019. The couple never posted the videos of their marriage, but Lauren Chen’s fiancé, Liam Donovan, mentions himself as Lauren Chen’s husband on his profile on Instagram. When they married, Liam was a student, and Lauren was a successful YouTuber. That helps us assume that Lauren Chen and Liam Donovan got married, and they are spending their marital life happily. However, there is not any confirmed information about their marriage.
  • Lauren Chen was born on 30th June 1994 in Canada. Now she is only 27 years old. She is a famous Canadian YouTuber. She is widely recognised as a Roaming millennial. She is a strong feminist. Lauren has a strong opinion on immigration, especially on American culture. She revealed her view about women’s choices in the “ The TRUTH about Abortion & Sex” clip. 
  • Lauren has expressed her views on racism on “ People of Color: You Are Not Obsessed”.She was also vocal about the LGBTQ+ community. She also studied Arabic. She claims herself as an ethnic- nationalist. She believes in the Great Replacement Conspiracy theory. Lauren Chen has protested against the bans of Lauren Southern, Brittany Sellner and Martin Sellner as well. She is also an actress and a production manager. She is widely recognised for her work, The Object of My Affection. It was released in 1998. She is also well-known for A Prayer Before Dawn and Driveaways. These two works were released in 2017 and 2019, respectively.
  • She has contributed an essential role to Evie Magazine. According to her, Christians are much happier than atheists. She protests against today’s culture of hookups and dates. She claims that genes play vital roles as far as Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is concerned. Moreover, she is vocal about all the essential topics.

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