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William Afton’s Wife: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Some say that William Afton’s wife is Clara, while some say Ballora is his wife. Get info on William Afton’s Wife, Networth, her relationship, height, weight and full bio.

Who is William Afton’s Wife?

The famous horror video game ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise’ has William Afton as its primary antagonist, voiced by an Australian-British voice actor PJ Heywood. He is popularly known as Purple Guy, though many things about him are a mystery for most people. One of such things that the fans remain most curious about is his family and love life. The villain is known for his evilness but does his heart love someone? Does William Afton have a love life? Who is William Afton’s wife? Let’s get to know if he has any girlfriend or wife and if yes, then who?

The whole point is that Mrs Afton does not exist; neither has she officially given any name. No one even knows exactly what she looks like. However, she is said to have blonde or orange or ginger hair and bright green eyes as of Elizabeth. Fans keep making theories and perceptions and supporting arguments about William Afton’s Wife, but the makers haven’t made any official statement.


What Does William Afton’s Wife do?

  • The fans of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise would know that William Afton has murdered 13 children, but the irony is that he is a father to three children. Two sons, Michael Afton and FNaF 4’s Bite Victim, and a daughter Elizabeth Afton. But what keeps people in doubt is the mother of these kids and William Afton’s wife?
  • The answer to this question goes long, but no one knows in simple words. Even after having many franchises, stories, and incidents, no one knows who the lady is. Fans have contradictory views about William Afton’s wife. Some believe that Ballora is his wife, while some say that his wife is Clara. Others have different ideas and believe that Ballora has possessed Clara to be William’s wife. Some have even given a hypothetical shape to William’s wife’s character by giving her a fictional name and appearance. But nothing provides the exact idea about William Afton’s wife.

When did William Afton and William Afton’s wife meet?

  • Ballora is a ballet dancer, and her voice is Michelle Moss. She belonged to the Animatronic Humanoid species and first appeared on Five Nights at Freddy’s: sister location. Whereas Clara is a recurring character from the show ‘the immortal and restless’, she is voiced by Amber Lee Connors. She is the distressed wife of Vlad, who disowns her and her child. Some people also say that Clara possesses Ballora, but it is just a theory. Some fans even argue that she drove off a cliff and eventually died. But all of this is also nothing more than a theory and does not give us a correct answer about William Afton’s wife.
  • Ballora’s possession of Mrs Afton is not confirmed yet, but one of MatPat’s theories claims that William built Ballora in Mrs Afton’s perspective and Ballora’s song. The theory says that she married William Afton and had three children. 
  • Also, in the show of FNAF, ‘the immortal and restless’, which is about the couple Clara and Vlad in which, Vlad wants to disobey Clara and her son, claiming that he is not his son. She tries to convince him with evidence, but he still denies it. So another theory claims that this show is based on William’s and Mrs Afton’s relationship. They justify it by saying that William didn’t want to be a part of Michael’s life while Mrs Afton tries to convince him to stay.
  • Some other theories suggest that Afton’s wife dies in spring lock failure. William loved his wife so much that she indulged in drinking to cope up with the grief of loss. 
  • The fans of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise keep debating over the internet about the existence of William’s wife. Several theories have been given based on different shreds of evidence. However, these theories are contradictory and raise more questions further. Some believe it is Ballora, and some say it is Clara. A group of people have even given her the name ‘Rose/Rosary’.

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