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Sopo Squad Gaming: Wiki, Networth, Age, Full Bio, Relationship and More

Sopo Squad Gaming

What is Sopo Squad?

Sopo Squad is a family gaming channel consistent with family members from the USA. The squad consists of Mike (dad), Lizzy (mom), Cammy (daughter), and three sons Parker, Austin, and Colton. Their gaming channel basically focuses on Roblox Gaming. They are really famous in the gaming industry, and many fans adore their happy family. The family started their YouTube channel in the middle of 2019 and presently has more than 465,000 subscribers.

It is really famous on all social media platforms. They have over 660,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 225,000 followers on Instagram. Their cute and happy family moments and bonding among them impress fans all over the world.

Discover more about this Gaming, their net worth, relationship, career, and all about the members’ Mike (dad), Lizzy (mom), Cammy (daughter), and three sons Parker, Austin, and Colton.

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Quick Bio

NameSopo Squad Gaming
Net Worth$ 5 million
ProfilesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube


What is Sopo Squad Gaming famous for? 

  • Sopo Squad Gaming is a famous gaming channel on YouTube. It consists of 5 members of the family. Father, Mother, Daughter, and three sons. Sopo Squad is famous for its Roblox content.
  • The Gaming first shared its videos in October 2019. Quickly they started to generate fans and followings all over the world. The main attraction of the channel is every family members play against each other and compete against each other.
  • The channel has over 660,000 subscribers. They also have two other YouTube channels, Sopo Squad Channel with over 140,000 subscribers and Sopo Squad Playz with over 85,000 subscribers. They have generated over 200 million views on their channel.
  • Their most popular videos are “Surprise Dream Come True “, with over 4 million views. Their other popular videos are “I Surprise Cammy With Her Dream Pet”, “What people trade for Mega Neon Unicorn”, .etc. With over 3.5 million views.
  • They have gained fans from all across the world and all over social media platforms. They also have over 228,000 followers on Instagram. They share their family photos, vlogs, and TikTok videos. They also share their holiday videos and best bits from their YouTube channel.

Personal Information

Who runs Sopo Squad Gaming? 

  • Sopo Squad Gaming is the YouTube gaming channel that focuses on the game Roblox. It is run by 5 family members. Father, Mother, Daughter, and three sons. They interchange with each other to create fun videos and gaming experiences.
  • Mike (father) has brown colour hair and blue colour eyes. Lizzy (mother) has blonde colour hair and blue colour eyes. Cammy (daughter) has brown colour hair and blue colour eyes. Parker, Austin, and Colton (sons) have brown colour hair and blue colour eyes. They were all born in the USA and are of American nationality. They have caucasian ethnicity.

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How much does Sopo Squad Gaming earn?  

  • The channel has over 200 million views and over 660,000 subscribers. According to social status, the channel gets an average of 500,000 to 800,000 views daily.
  • According to that status, the channel should earn approximately $2000 to $2500 per day. They are also starting their own merchandise deal, and families are involved in various brand deals. They also earn from paid sponsorship, but the amount of earning has not been specified.
  • Despite that nowadays of adblocker and people skipping ads and YouTube cutting the cut from the YouTubers, the family expresses their discontent and dissatisfaction.


  • Sopo Gaming Squad is very famous for its family content. The harmony and beautiful moments together make the gaming channel more wholesome and interesting content. The family members interchange every day and play Roblox.
  • They challenge each other and gifts to each other gifts. They also play with their fans and their subscribers. The channel is growing each day, and it is because of the awesomeness of their relationship.

Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Sopo Squad Gaming? 

  • Sopo Squad Gaming is a famous YouTuber with over 660,000 followers. Their primary source of income is from YouTube, but they are also releasing their own merchandise and brands. They also earn from paid sponsorship.
  • Their net worth as of 2020 is approximately $ 5 million.


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  • The Gaming consists of a gaming squad of 6 family members.
  • Their first video was posted in October 2019.
  • Their most popular video, “Surprise Dream Come True,” has nearly 4 million views.
  • Their net worth is approximately $ 5 million.
  • Sopo Squad Gaming and Faze Apex are famous American Youtube gamers.


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