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Sheffield is a city in South, Yorkshire, England. The city was named after its river called River Sheaf. The city is located in the easter foothills of the Pennines and the valleys of the River Don and its four tributaries.


Terry Robinson / ‘Traditional Style’ Terraced Houses. Pye Bank Road, Woodside, Sheffield / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sheffield is one of the industrial powerhouses of England. However, the city has become successful in reflecting the UK’s art and culture in recent times.

City Profile

City name: Sheffield

Located in: Yorkshire, England

Population: 1,569,000

Main Attraction: Peak District National Park, Stanage Edge, Peveril Castle, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Millennium Gallery.


  • Sheffield hosts the world’s oldest football club called Sheffield FC which was founded in 1857.
  • In March 1994, the world’s longest-lasting rainbow was only visible from Sheffield. The rainbow lasted for six hours.
  • The most number of Pancakes tossed by people is 890 which was achieved by the University of Sheffield (UK) in Sheffield, the United Kingdom in 2012.