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PopularMMOs: Biography, Careers, Achievements and More

Who are PopularMMOs?

A well-known American Youtuber(Patrick Brown) is a renowned name by his online alias, PopularMMOs. He was born on 25 November 1988, and this 32-year-old man is gaining fame by playing games on the Youtube channel. 

Pat produces Minecraft-related videos. In August 2021, the PopularMMOs youtube channel crossed over 10.7 million subscribers with 14 billion views. PopularMMOs try to avoid controversies; however, in September 2020, he was suffering from COVID-19 disease, from which he recovered. In July 2021, he got married to a girl named Kevin.

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PopularMMOs’s Quick Bio

Birth Name   Patrick Brown
Born25 November 1988 (32 years) 
ProfessionYouTube gamer, Vlogger
Birth SignAquarius
CountryConnecticut, US
Height5 ft 8in (178cm)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye ColorDark Brown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle 
WifeJennifer Flagg( m, 2015; div, 2019)

Kevin Elizabeth (m.2020)

Net Worth$20 million
ProfileYouTube, Instagram, Twitter
Genre Gaming, Vlogging, Reaction
GamingMinecraft, Warcraft

PopularMMOs’s Career

What is the reason behind the Success Story of PopularMMOs?

  • PopularMMOs started his first Youtube channel on the 17th of April,2012, and within two years, he hit the 1 million subscribers mark. As Patrick was posting continuously, he had 10 million subscribers on his channel in the next two years. To date, 4683 videos on his channel. Every week, Patrick ensures that he is uploading 1 to 3 videos, and in a month, he tries to upload 12 to 16 videos. He has created his consistency on the Youtube journey. His hard work and efforts have paid off, and now the PopularMMOs channel has almost 14 billion views.
  • His Youtube channel is basically about gaming. He is a Minecraft player and plays games related to Minecraft like Minecraft Mob Battles and Arena Battles, Epic Modded Let’s Plays, Mod Showcases, etc. Minecraft Mods Vs. Maps. Patrick also plays Теrа, Wаrсrаft Wоrld, Аtlаntіса, аnd 100 Wауѕ tо Dіе as he got a good response from his first channel. Hence, he opened other two channels to expand his content, and their names are 
  • DungеоnNооbАdvеnturе and РаtVѕТhеWоrld which is inactive right now. He again made a channel named Pat’s Life, where he has not posted for nine months, and lastly, he made a collab channel with his friends and called this channel Pat & Friends, where the last video was posted on 20-Oct-2020 and is inactive right now. To date, РорulаrMMOѕ YоuТubе сhаnnеl has the highest number of subscribers from his other channels.
  • Patrick knows how to gain the attention of the viewers, so he tries to create imaginary characters like Сарtаіn Сооkіе, Веllіе, Јеllу Веаn, Мауоr, and Chad. He establishes new techniques to play Мinесraft Моdѕ vѕ Марѕm Еріс and Minecraft mini Games. He tries to enact the viewers’ funny comments on his channel and makes Vlogs and reaction videos. He and Jen give their voices to those Minecraft characters. For quite a long time, he has been making relevant videos. They always try to make an effort in their videos so that subscribers will love to watch them.

PopularMMOs’s Personal Information

What is the physical appearance of PopularMMOs?

  • PopularMMOs has a significant 5 feet and 8 inches of height, and he has around 70kg body weight. For his sense of humour, his personality looks fantastic.
  • Through his videos, he never revealed his parent’s identity. Patrick uploaded a Minecraft video: BEDWARS WITH ELENI & EX-WIFE JEN VS ME! On May 2, 2020. This video was controversial as it was the first collaboration video between his Ex-wife Jen and Eleni because the title made it more controversial. Later, Pat earned a sit-down video and talked about this as he was not expecting this to happen and questioned in the late video. He made two more videos, and Jen told everyone they must not attack Eleni on his fourth video.

PopularMMOs’s Relationship

Are PopularMMOs dating someone?

  • This gaming star is currently married to Kevin Elizabeth, stating in a video that they got married on vacation titled We Got Married! Which was posted on 27th July 2021.
  • His Ex-wife Jennifer Flagg they met in high school. Later they dated each other for five years, and in 2015 they tied the knot. Jennifer is also a Youtube channel Gamingwithjen which was created in 2012 only. In 2019 they broke off their marriage and announced it on their Youtube Channel.

PopularMMOs”s Net worth

What is the Net Worth of PopularMMOs?

  • Being an American YouTuber and a professional gamer, PopularMMOs make an impressive amount of capital from being renowned YouTube stars. Last year (2021), his estimated net worth was near-about $200 thousand. 


  • His birthday is on November 25.
  • Patrick is 32 years old.
  • He is a successful Minecraft player and makes reaction videos or Vlogs on his channel.
  • Pat has graduated and majored in psychology.
  • Patrick’s favourite Youtuber is NedAlert.
  • He is allergic to eggs, and their smell makes him feel gross.


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