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Nicepipes: Net Worth, Biography, Careers, Achievements

Nicepipes is a well-known American fitness apparel line founded by the entrepreneur Lisa Binders. It got famous after featuring in the reality show Shark Tank.

How did Nicepipes originate?

After working for more than six years in Yoga Works in different positions, Lisa Binderow planned to provide the best outfits to the women practicing yoga. She formed the company titled Nicepipes in 2014 in New York, which is chiefly concerned with yoga apparel. While working hard to stay fit and healthy, you need to be comfortable first. Nice pipes offer a variety of leg and arm warmers that are best for the business. The products are the sweat-wicking fabric that helps in compression, less slippage, and ultraviolet ray protection.

Being in the fitness profession for such a long time, Binderow has the experience of observing its integral things closely. She dreamt of creating an outfit line especially for yoga and has been successful in her intention. Nice pipes were huge after appearing in the award-winning American TV show Shark Tank on ABC network. The series was first telecasted in 2009 and has been aired 13 seasons to date. It offers emerging entrepreneurs a platform to discuss and persuade investors to invest in their business ideas. Nice pipes have their website. Apart from that, its products are available on the e-commerce portal Amazon. 

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Quick Bites

Company nameNicepipes Apparels
Owner nameLisa Binders
Origin dateAugust 2014
Origin placeNew York City, New York, USA
Shark Tank seasonSeason 8
Social mediaInstagram




Net worth$500 thousand

Who is the owner of Nicepipes?

  • Nicepipes was created by Lisa Binderow in 2014. Born and brought up in New York City, she has led a sorted life. After completing her bachelor’s degree in science in 2004 from the University of Michigan, she joined Miramax Film Corporation as an Assistant to Business & Legal advisor. Binderow worked for a year and later started working for Platinum Dunes as an assistant to the producer. She has worked for Yoga Works for more than six years in several positions.
  • The businesswoman joined the firm as a Regional Program Advisor in 2008. In the following year, she earned the position of National Program Manager in the company. Binderow later became the New York Teacher Manager of Yoga Works. She is currently the CEO of Nicepipes. The entrepreneur is a married woman and loves her family. She is also a mother. The businesswoman is also active on different social media platforms where she promotes her business. Buyers can quickly go through the accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to get an idea about its products. The entrepreneur has practiced yoga for a decade and later on pursued the career of an instructor. 

What did Nicepipes do in Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a platform where new business ideas get their investors. In the show, the investors are called sharks, and they usually have a conversation with the emerging businesspersons. Being a startup, Nicepipes got an opportunity to appear in the eighth season of the ABC series. Representing Nicepipes, the company owner, Binderow, asked for 10% of the company cost to the investors. After sharing the story behind its formation in front of the sharks, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Kevin Harrington, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner. 

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Could Nicepipes bag a deal on Shark Tank?

After a heated conversation between the investors and Lisa Binderow, Nicepipes failed to persuade anybody to invest. The owner asked for 10% of the company cost, which is $100,000. One of the sharks, Barbara Corcoran, offered 40%, which Lisa denied at once. Ultimately, while providing the value at 25%, the owner left the platform without any deal due to the unfavorable percentage offered by the investors.

Net worth

What is the current net worth of Nicepipes?

Nicepipes’ current net worth is approximately $500 thousand.


  • Nicepipes was created by Lisa Binderow.
  • It appeared in Shark Tank.
  • It is a New York-based company.

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