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Lando Norris Girlfriend: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

lando norris girlfriend

Who is Lando Norris’s girlfriend?

Lando Norris is one of the best Exceptional Formula 1 drivers who score the best points in every race. Every time he proved how tough it is to challenge him in racing. If you see his previous performance, you must know how popular he is! Does he have a huge fan base who always wants to know who the Lando Norris girlfriend is? 

As per the multiple resources, the name is still a mystery. Some resources said he is not dating anyone and focusing only on his career. While some people said, he is secretly in a relationship with Katerina Berezhna. No matter what, people love him, and he has so many crushes. He became an internet sensation having more than millions of followers.

He started his career on November 13, 1999, and is widely popular worldwide as the Championship of MSA Formula. He is also considered one of the best McLaren young drivers’ programs. 

As of the current update, Norris is only 21 years old, and now he is not dating anyone. Like other celebrities, he also wanted to keep his love life and personal life secret. Many rumours are there in the industry regarding Lando Norris’ girlfriend

As per some sources, Norris had a relationship in the past, but he never revealed to anyone publicly that he has dated anyone in the past or present. He never spotted any girl who treated him like her partner.

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Quick Bio of Lando Norris girlfriend

Birth NameKaterina Berezhna
BornSeptember 181998
Birth SignVirgo
Eye ColourBlack
High School/collegeN/A
Net WorthAround $ 5 million




What Does Lando Norris’s Girlfriend Do?

  • As per the rumours, Norris had a breakup in his past during the Styrin 2020 Grand Pix with his rumoured Girlfriend Katerina Berezhna, a popular model. She has many followers on Instagram and regularly posts regarding health, fitness and style. Most news channels and social sites revealed a breakup with his mysterious girlfriend. 
  • There is no proof, but he opened up about this in one of his interviews and said he had sudden chest pain during the practice run. 
  • He said I was feeling cheerful, but at the same time, I had gone through heartbreak. He has many admirers who praise him every time on his good and bad days!
  • He is currently only 21 years old single handsome bachelor as per the sources of celebrity mirror. Most of his fans searched about Lando Norris’ girlfriend on the internet, but no one found proof that he was dating anyone. As per the rumours, Katerina may have dated him for a specific time, but there is no confirmation. 

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When will Lando Norris and Katerina Berezhna Get Married?

  • Here we keep a complete stop in all the rumours about the marriage of Norris and Katerina Berezhna. Lando is not married, and currently, he is single and dating his career only. He is one of the young and energetic players who don’t seem to be committed at this age. 
  • So, overall currently, he is looking forward to enjoying his career and personal life. He keeps his life private and is in no mood to reveal some sensational news on Lando Norris girlfriend Katerina Berezhna or about his private life. He is currently focusing on enhancing his racing skills. 
  • Nothing will be secret in this era of the internet, so if the Lando Norris girlfriend exists, we all will know in the future. He is putting his best efforts into making his nation proud by improving his skills. 
  • He won so many medals and is currently practising more on his skills to grab more and more opportunities. He is the youngest racing driver with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. He is presently enjoying his celebrity status and family life and is not in the mood to marry Katerina Berezhna.

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