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Kudo Banz: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz is a USA-based company founded by Amanda Naqvi and her family, which appeared in the 10th season of the reality show Shark Tank on ABC network.

What is Kudo Banz?

Kudo Banz is a firm that produces accessories for children and provides them with a helping hand in growing up positively. Nowadays, everybody is busy with their work to attain a secure life. On such grounds, a parent fails to give the necessary time to their children, which harms their upbringing in many ways. A US-based couple Amanda Naqvi and Hamza Naqvi, faced the same problem when they became parents of three loving children. They met several issues while coping up with the situation. The Naqvi couple saw their kids doing things incorrectly in their daily life.

They understood it was not their kids’ fault; instead, they wouldn’t do it if they got a good idea about everything. After thinking on the issue deeply, the father-mother duo got the plan to create something that can help every parent and their kids ensure learning in each step. As they call it a positive parenting tool, Kudo Banz offers children a wide variety of amusing things that keep them interested and teach them positive things. It comes in a kit form that contains a storybook, kudos or charms, wrist bands, carrying bag, and a Kudos Banz app coupon. Kudo Banz got public attention after appearing in the famous American reality TV series Shark Tank in 2019.

Connecticut Family Featured on “Shark Tank” for Kudo Banz - YouTube

How does Kudo Banz work?

  • It is a product that helps kids and their parents in positive reinforcement of the kids. It includes a wristband and several stickers which illustrate visuals that help in the positive upbringing of the children. The stickers remind kids to do things on time in a proper way. Kudo Banz comes in a kit that includes a storybook that looks pretty amusing to the kids. The company is currently providing four types of kits: Starter Kit, Potty Training Kit, Kudo Collections, and Banz Collections.
  • It also carries a coupon code in every gear, scanned in smartphones for exciting rewards. The accessory is designed for a positive upbringing for children at their learning age. With this product, parents can be tension-free about their kids’ reinforcement. The company is currently selling its products on its website and the e-commerce platform Amazon. It is also active on social media where interested customers can get a gist of their kits. 

Quick Information

Company nameKudo Banz
Founder/Owner (s)Amanda Naqvi and Hamza Naqvi
Origin dateApril 2017
Origin placeTrumbull, Connecticut, USA
Product Development SpecialistSofia Naqvi
Art DirectorAyaan Naqvi
Founding Kudo KidMickey Naqvi
Creative DirectorAmanda Naqvi
Director of BusinessHamza Naqvi
Marketing DirectorLindsay
Graphic DesignerSandy
Junior Marketing AssociateJaclyn
Shark Tank seasonSeason 10
Social media handlesFacebook





Net worthN/A

Who are the owners of Kudo Banz?

Amanda Naqvi and her husband Hamza Naqvi are the founder-owners of Kudo Banz. They are proud parents of three children Sofia, Ayaan, and Mickey. They all perform in at least one position in the company.

Could Kudo Banz secure a deal in Shark Tank?

It could not crack a deal in the 10th season of the reality show Shark Tank. After representing the company, the Naqvi family asked for 10% of the company, $150,000. The sharks or the investors showed their gratitude towards the family, but they did not like the company’s valuation and hence rejected to sign any deal. 

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What is Kudo Banz’s net worth?

Kudo Banz’s net worth is not known. But it is something around $1 million.


  • Kudo Banz was founded in 2017.
  • The company appeared in Shark Tank.
  • It is a US-based company.


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