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Keemstar : Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More


Who is Keemstar?

Daniel Keem was born on 8th March 1982. He is more popularly recognized by his online epithet Keemstar. He is a famous American YouTuber and also a streamer. He is adequately recognized for hosting the net outstanding culture information show-DramaAlert. He was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Web Series in 2014.

He talks about different news and events related to social interactions in the world of online entertainment. The YouTuber regularly gives his own personal opinions about different topics as well. He has 5 terminated YouTube accounts and 2 terminated Twitch accounts, among many others.

His channel accumulated more than 300,000 subscribers in its first 10 months. The social media personality is notorious within the vlogging world as a highly divisive person due to his history of hostile exchanges and disputes with other YouTubers.

Keemstar has a huge fan base. He has 15.6K fans on Instagram and 1.42 million fans on Twitter, respectively. And he has more than 1.8 million followers on his YouTube channel.

In the past, Keemstar has been involved in quite a few controversies, most notably back in 2008, when he was caught using a racist slur. Furthermore, in 2019, Jake Paul had accused him of body-shaming his girlfriend when he made a video comparing her to another woman.


Quick Bio

NameDaniel Keem
Born8th March 1982
Birth signLibra
EthnicityNot available 
ProfessionYoutuber, author, streamer.
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight72 kg
ChildrenNot available 
Eye Colorbrown
FatherNot available 
Hair colour black
Net Worth$10 million
profileInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Early life

What did Keem do before getting the fame?

  • Keem’s first arrival on YouTube was in a Halo YouTube tape in 2009. He used to tape through the online multiplayer programming- voice-chat. His early YouTube track-xDJKEEMSTAR was established in 2009 and was solely devoted to documenting news within the YouTube nation. In  2014, he enrolled for the inlet-DramaAlert. Keep frequently gives his own beliefs on the content he reports on.
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What made Keemstar famous?

  • More than his news, his controversies made him famous. In 2008, whilst disagreeing with a mediator called Alex on the site-BattleCam.com. Keep motivated his spectators to type negative remarks for Alex in the chat section, to which he confessed to wielding the supremacist slur.
  • In 2016, Keem published a tweet addressing TotalBiscuit, a YouTuber who had newly been analyzed with aerodrome cancer, announcing that he couldn’t continue broadcasting on his death. Keemstar later asked forgiveness for the tweet too. TotalBiscuit deceased in May 2017.
  • In 2019, YouTuber Jake Paul denounced Keem for body-shaming Paul’s ladylove, Erika Costell, after Keemstar formulated a tweet correlating her physique to Eugenia Cooney, a YouTuber with an eating disease. And the list is endless. He comes to the limelight for negative comments or his demeaning tweets and racist remarks. It has been his routine first to accuse and then ask for forgiveness.
  • G Fuel ended their sponsorship with Keemstar when YouTuber Ethan Klein aired a video exposé against him in May 2020.

Personal Information

Where was he born?

  • Daniel Keem was born on 8th March 1982 in the region of New York. He has two more siblings. Keep has a youthful daughter. Keemstar has exhibited backing for Donald Trump in several tweets.


Who is he dating?

  • According to celebs couple magazine, Keem is currently dating no one. After his separation from his former girlfriend, he takes care of his daughter and focuses on his career.

Net Worth

How much is his net worth?

  • His net worth counts around $2 million.

Keemstar - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays


  • He has a daughter.
  • He is a famous YouTuber.
  • He has been facing and charged with numerous allegations and controversies.
  • His net worth is around $2 million.

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