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Bob Kaufman: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Bob Kaufman was a distinguished American poet, writer, and critic. He was closely associated with the Beat Generation literary movement.

Who is Bob Kaufman?

Robert Garnell Kaufman, distinctly known as Bob Kaufman, was one of the most celebrated poets in the United States of America. He has contributed to the academic sector of the country for more than 30 years. For his deep insight and explicit portrayal of emotions through words, the poet was able to leave a mark among the legendary writers of his contemporary time. Kaufman has popularized the Beat poetic movement in the USA that got its existence in the late 1940s. It had its influence on literature as well as politics in the post-war situation of the country. He was a chief poet in the literary movement. Apart from this, the writer was a prominent surrealist of his time. Surrealism was widely practiced all over Europe post World War I.

This particular literary movement escapes from reality and digs into the imaginary world of the artists of that time. Surrealism introduced unrealistic representations of any situation solely based on the artists’ imagination. Bob Kaufman has also been a jazz musician and critic. His popular books include Abomunist Manifesto, Solitudes Crowded With Loneliness, Golden sardine, Watch My Tracks, Eremit in San Francisco: Lyrik & Prosa, The ancient rain, and others. Many of Kaufman’s books were published posthumously, including Cranial Guitar: Selected Poems by Bob Kaufman and Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman.

Quick Bio

Birth Name Robert Garnell Kaufma
Birth Date April 18, 1925 (Aged 60)
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Death Date 12 January 1986
Death Place San Francisco, California, USA
Death Cause Emphysema
Birth Sign Aries
Gender Male 
Other Names Bob Kaufman
Parent(s) N/A
Sibling(s) 12 siblings
High School N/A
College The New School for Social Research
Education N/A
Profession Poet, writer, jazz musician
Active Years 1958-1986
Country USA
Nationality American
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye color N/A
Hair color N/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Married before death
Spouse(s) Ida Berrocal

Eileen Singe

Girlfriend(s) N/A
Children Parker Kaufman, Antoinette Victoria Marie Kaufman
Tattoos N/A
Social Media Handles M/A
Net worth $1.6 Million


Why is Bob Kaufman famous?

  • He was a prominent poet and musician in the USA. Initially, he joined the United States Merchant Marine at the age of 13. But soon, Kaufman understood it was not something of his interest. He was more into artistic things. Thus, he left the US Merchant Marine to pursue literature in The New School for Social Research. Once Kaufman mentioned that he was inspired by the literary pieces of noted writers like Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Arthur Rimbaud, Guillaume Apollinaire, Federico Garcia Lorca, Hart Crane, Gertrude Stein, Langston Hughes, Frantz Fanon, Aimé Césaire, and Nicolás Guillén. Gradually, he started composing poems as well as publishing them.
  • Communist Manifesto was Kaufman’s first book of poems published in 1959. In the same year, he published Second April. In the following year, the poet released the book Does the Secret Mind Whisper. In 1981, The Ancient Rain: Poems 1956 to 1978 was published. Kaufman’s famous poem collections came up posthumously. Cranial Guitar: Selected Poems by Bob Kaufman was published in 1996. Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman was published recently in 2019.

Personal Information

How did Bob Kaufman die?

Bob Kaufman died on January 12, 1986, for emphysema. He was 60 years old at that time and took his last breath in San Francisco, California, USA. The poet was born on April 18, 1925, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He never shared his parents’ identity. 


Was Bob Kaufman married?

He married Ida Berrocal in 1944. After their separation, the poet married Eileen Singe and was married till his death. He has two children, Parker Kaufman and Antoinette Victoria Marie Kaufman.

Net worth

How much did Bob Kaufman earn?

Bob Kaufman’s net worth was $1.6 million before his death.


  • Bob Kaufman was a Beat poet.
  • He died of emphysema.
  • Collected Poems of Bob Kaufman was published in 2019.

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